3 Thought-Provoking MicroFiction Pieces You Should Read


In just 24 words, these winning entries linger in ways only brilliant fiction would.



Before The King – Sodiq Oluwafisayo

“I stood speechless before the king. Though I burned within with words seeking freedom, I held my peace. That way, I will see tomorrow.”


About the Writer

Thought-provoking piecesSodiq Oluwafisayo Saberedowo (Sabshayo) is a creative writer, essayist, poet, and motivational writer. He is an award-winning writer, with some of his works published in magazines and various blogs. He published his first book, “Valley of Decisions,” in August this year.

Sodiq is the team leader at Eden Hub, a writing hub where he mentors newbie writers and enthusiasts. He is also a certified speaker who loves to lend his voice to controversial issues. He is available by appointment for writing, teaching, and speaking gigs.

In his leisure time, he engages in creative and critical thinking. He is a lover of God, people, and nature.

Sodiq is a graduate of Ladoke Akintola University of Technology with a bachelor’s degree in Physiology. Outside the medical and literary fields, he is a Graduate Member of the International Organization of Management Professionals (GIOMP).






Let’s Keep Faking It! – Jeffrey Pope

He forgot how to smile genuinely.

The man in the mirror said, ‘Let me teach you how.’

‘Not today, Jeffrey,’ he answered. ‘Maybe tomorrow.’


About the Writer

Jeffrey Pope (C. J. Ogochukwu), a mechanical engineering student, is an avid reader who is obsessed with dark and twisted stories, with a bit of romance tossed in.

When he writes, he takes his readers on a dark journey of suspense and twist, making it difficult for one to stop reading once they’ve started. As an introvert, writing novels is his only real way of expressing himself without making eye contact with anyone. His writing has appeared in the 2022 KEPRESSNG ANTHOLOGY PRIZE.



Survivor – Udochukwu Chidera

“When the strange birds in the sky disappeared, we counted the living. We survived the war today and we will survive the peace tomorrow.”


About the Writer

Udochukwu Chidera also known as Chi Deraa is an award-winning writer, pharmacist and model. She won the 2022 Movement of the People Poetry Contest, first runner up in 2022 August/September  Shuzia Songs of Praise contest, the bronze medal in the 2022 May/June Shuzia Prose contest, won first place in the May edition of the D’Lit Review poetry contest, the 2021 Deborah Itohan Poetry Prize and the 2021 School of Pharmacy UNIZIK Poetry Contest.

She was also a top ten finalist in the 2021 Feb / March edition of the Brigitte Poirson Poetry Contest and a two-time finalist in the 2020 and 2021 Parousia Christmas Short Story Contest. She is also a finalist and contributor for the Marked Anthology, Tush Magazine, Conscio Magazine, 2022 Chinua Achebe Essay and Poetry Anthology, Aayo Magazine, Writers Hangout Initiative.


About The Author

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