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Contests D'LitReview

How To Participate In Our Writing Contests







Every month, there'll be a new theme, around which we'll call for entries.

Entries can be prose, poetry, drama and/or photography. We can call for one or more, but it has to relate to the theme.

 Whichever one it is, entries are to be sent to, before the stipulated deadline.

 While submitting, be sure to include your contact details at the bottom of your submission, so that we can easily get in touch with you, if you're one of our three winners.

 The first position, along with the prize, will get a publication on our website.

 The prizes are only provisional, and will most likely get better in the coming months.




 Use the "Contact Us" Form, Send an email to:, or a WhatsApp message to +2348173634477:


  • For sponsorship.
  • For a review or promotion of a literary work (either yours or someone else's).
  • For any other enquiries as to who we are and what we do.