5 Apps That Can Ease Your Stress As A Writer

Stringing words together is as demanding as can be. As writers, we struggle with brainstorming, the actual writing process, editing, and (the inevitable) submission for consideration. It could be a blog post, a journal article, a manuscript, or an entry for a competition. One thing is sure; writing is definitely not a bed of roses.

Thankfully, we’re in a technologically-advanced age with everything made simpler! It’s a good thing someone actually thought of writers and developed these amazing apps. So whether you’re writing with your smartphone or your PC, these apps have got you covered. They also have free online versions, with more features available when you upgrade to their premium packages.

Without further ado, these are five apps that can ease your stress as a writer:


Apps ease stress writer

If you struggle to organize your work before you start writing, then this app is for you. Its user-friendly interface allows you organize those jumbled-up thoughts. You can get more details about its features and download it here.




As the name implies, this app is for writers who struggle with focus. That’s if you write with a whole lot going on in the background (both on your device and your mind). What is loveable about this app is the interface. You can customize the background as you like, and it has a built-in timer. It’s a plain text typing tool without much formatting elements. Download it here.




Apps ease stress writer

Ernest Hemingway most likely inspired the developers of this app. Hemingway was an American author who was famous for his simple and clear style of writing.

The Hemingway app allows you cut out the excessive words from your sentences. It works this way; you can either type directly on it, or paste from an external typing tool (e.g, MS Word).

It then analyzes the entire text and highlights sentences that you could improve in terms of clarity, reading ease, etc. It doesn’t have any built-in feature for saving your work, so you’ll just have to copy the edited work and paste it elsewhere when you’re done. Get started here.


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Apps ease stress writer

Similar to Hemingway, Grammarly is easily the best grammar editing tool for writers. It’s easy to use, and detects even the minutest grammar error. It’s all-in-one; and you’ll get a more tidy write-up thereafter. Get started here.



Apps ease stress writer

If you’re ready to create your e-books, this app is for you. It makes typesetting your book a lot easier. You can also find ghostwriters, editors, designers and so on, which can help you quicken your writing journey. Plus, you can easily export your e-book straight to the distributors. What are you waiting for? Get started here.



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