Ikeja, the capital of Lagos State, is a lively place with lots of cultures, and hidden among its busy streets are some amazing bookstores that book lovers will treasure. Each one has its special charm and great books to discover.
While we were in Lagos, we made sure to check out some of these bookstores. We plan to explore more bookstores in other parts of Lagos and even in different cities across Nigeria (and hopefully, beyond!).


So here are 5 bookstores to check out in Ikeja:

1. Vog and Wod Books and Gifts Shop

Vog and Wod

Source: Facebook/VogandWodEnterprises

In a cosy corner in Ikeja sits Virtue of Gold, Wonders of Determination Books and Gifts Shop, a lovely place for book lovers. They have something for everyone, from the newest African literature to self-help books, educational materials, and Christian literature.

As soon as you walk in, you’ll see shelves filled with books and stationery, and you’ll perceive the unmistakable smell of new books. This makes Vog and Wod special for us; their commitment to keeping up with the latest books. They regularly add new titles, so you’ll always find something fresh to explore. Whether you’re looking for your next read or the perfect gift for someone special, Vog and Wod Books and Gifts Shop has what you need.


2. PAGE Book Connoisseurs

Page book

Source: Page book connoisseurs/ng.infoaboutcompanies

On the first floor of Ibilola Nelson House at Allen Avenue, Ikeja, PAGE Book Connoisseurs offers a spacious and welcoming environment for book lovers. Their shelves are filled with different books, focusing on African fiction, poetry, and international titles.

PAGE is dedicated to building a literary community and regularly hosts book clubs where readers can join in lively discussions and meet other book enthusiasts. PAGE is the bookstore of Parrésia Publishers Ltd.

In addition to their extensive selection of books, PAGE Book Connoisseurs pays attention to the little things. When we bought books there, not only did we get quality reads, but also beautifully packaged books that added a homely touch to the shopping experience. And their friendly customer service made the visit enjoyable.


3. Glendora Bookstore


Source: Facebook/Glendora

Towards Entrance One in Ikeja City Mall is Glendora Bookstore, a haven for book lovers of all ages. Once inside, you’ll be surrounded by a diverse selection of books, magazines, and music, filling the shelves from floor to ceiling.

But Glendora is more than just a bookstore—it was established in 1975 and has become a vibrant hub for social networking and cultural exchange. They have a reputation for regularly hosting book readings, book launch events, live music shows, and other social activities, providing a space for artists, writers, and book enthusiasts to come together and connect.

Over the years, they have welcomed acclaimed authors such as Wole Soyinka and Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, among others, solidifying its status as a cornerstone of Lagos’ literary scene.


4. Ouida Bookstore


Source: Ikeja Record/Ouidabooks

In GRA, Ikeja, Ouida Bookstore is one of Lagos’ top spots for book lovers. It’s located on the ground floor of Ouida House and also includes a cafe, workspace, seminar room, and recording studio.

This well-stocked bookstore offers African and World fiction, allowing readers to explore different cultures and genres. Ouida Bookstore hosts various cultural events, readings, and book launches, giving authors a platform to connect with their audience and allowing book lovers to engage with the literary community.

From novels to non-fiction works on topics like self-help, popular science, history, politics, and memoirs, there’s something to pique every intellectual interest.


5. Wisdom Books

Wisdom Bookstore

Source: Wisdom Bookstore/Google Map listings

In Adeniyi Jones, Ikeja, you’ll find Wisdom Books, a versatile bookstore, library, and activity centre. The store has books spanning various genres and interests; fiction, non-fiction, children’s books, and educational materials.
Wisdom Books also hosts a variety of events and activities, including book clubs, chess clubs, holiday clubs, group study sessions, book parties, and book launch events. Visitors can also enjoy author book signings, book readings, and social painting sessions, providing opportunities for connection, learning, and creativity.


To sum up, Ikeja boasts a rich literary scene, with each bookstore offering its own special atmosphere and literary treasures. Whether you’re on the hunt for your next favourite book or looking for inspiration in a welcoming setting, these must-visit bookstores in Ikeja are guaranteed to satisfy every book lover’s thirst for knowledge and adventure.

So, next time you’re in Ikeja, do check out these awesome bookstores!

P.S.: This list is by no means exhaustive, so let us know in the comments where next you’d like us to check out!

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