6 Books To Kick-Start Your 2023 Reading Goals

If one of your reading goals is to read better in 2023, then this list was compiled specially for you. These are 6 books you should definitely be adding to your TBR this January.



The Half Known Life: In Search of Paradise – Pico Iyer

In ‘The Half Known Life’, the author turns his attention to the question of paradise. “I’d begun to wonder what kind of paradise can ever be found in a world of unceasing conflict—and whether the very search for it might not simply aggravate our differences,” he writes.

This book documents his travels to Iran, Sri Lanka, Ethiopia, Israel, Tibet, and other places, in his quest to uncover what paradise looks like on earth.



Wahala – Nikki May

Source: Goodreads

The compelling story of “Wahala,” centers on three Anglo-Nigerian closest friends and the attractive fourth woman who infiltrates their group and gradually starts to sow disorder among the trio.



Maame – Jessica George

The coming-of-age story, “Maame”, centers on Maddie, who is referred to as “Maame” by her Ghanaian family and lives in London.

Her mother returns from Ghana and tries to start a new life away from the family home while Maame cares for her father who has advanced stage Parkinson’s disease and balances a job at a publishing business.

This narrative explores a young woman’s difficulties with identity and familial loyalty in the face of bigotry.




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Things They Lost – Okwiri Oduor

The story is mostly presented by the Brown family’s youngest member, 12-year-old Ayosa, and is set in the fictional East African setting of Mapeli Town. It chronicles the lives of four generations of women who are all members of the Brown family who reside there.

“Things They Lost” explores the complexity of destructive mother-daughter relationships and the urgently restorative aspect of friendship. It is overflowing with unrelentingly African magical realism.




To Paradise – Hanya Yanagihara

Source: Goodreads

This book is set at Washington Square in New York City and covers three centuries and three iterations of the American experiment: A love tale in 1893, a Hawaiian guy residing with his significantly older partner in 1993 as the city is under attack by the AIDS pandemic, and a lady attempting to unravel the mystery of her husband’s disappearance in a totalitarian-ruled society in 2093.




The School for Good Mothers – Jessamine Chan

6 Books To Kick-Start

Source: Amazon UK

This book offers a dystopian perspective on the government’s extensive involvement in social services and child care.

The main character, Frida Liu, comes upon a brand-new government initiative that aims to address “poor” mothering.

Frida is forced to demonstrate that she can meet expectations for a “perfect” mother after an error puts her on the state’s radar and her daughter’s custody is in jeopardy.








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