Frustration. That is the prevailing sentiment among many Nigerians, myself included. Our great nation, blessed with vast resources and a resilient populace, has been mired in socio-political challenges for far too long.

As a concerned citizen, I strongly advocate for change in Nigeria – change that addresses the systemic issues plaguing our society.

Effective governance serves as the bedrock for development and progress. Nigeria, however, has struggled with governance issues, including weak institutions, lack of transparency, and corruption. Our political landscape is plagued by politicians who prioritize personal gain over public welfare, leading to rampant corruption and mismanagement of resources. This systemic failure has perpetuated poverty, inequality, and a sense of disillusionment among the masses.

To inspire change, we must demand greater accountability from our leaders. We need leaders who genuinely prioritize the needs of the people, working tirelessly to address social and economic disparities. Additionally, there should be a strong focus on strengthening our institutions, such as the judiciary and law enforcement agencies, to ensure that justice prevails and that corrupt individuals face the consequences of their actions.

Corruption is a cancer that has infiltrated every aspect of Nigerian society. It siphons resources meant for public goods and services, hindering our nation’s progress and perpetuating poverty. We cannot allow corruption to continue to impede our development and rob our citizens of a better life.

Addressing corruption requires a multi-faceted approach. First and foremost, we need stringent anti-corruption laws that are effectively enforced. These laws must be applied without prejudice, targeting both high-ranking officials and ordinary citizens engaging in corrupt practices. Simultaneously, we must promote a culture of transparency and accountability in all sectors of society. Whistleblower protection programs should be implemented to encourage individuals to come forward with information on corrupt practices without fear of reprisal.

Inadequate infrastructure has long been a hindrance to Nigeria’s development. Our roads, schools, hospitals, and power supply are woefully inadequate, stifling economic growth and limiting opportunities for our people. We must recognize the critical role that infrastructure plays in advancing our society and prioritize its development accordingly.

Investment in infrastructure should be a top priority for our government. Funds allocated to public projects must be utilized efficiently and transparently to ensure that they reach their intended beneficiaries. Moreover, there should be a focus on partnering with the private sector to leverage expertise and resources, fostering innovation and sustainable development.

The time for change in Nigeria is now. We cannot afford to let frustration consume us; instead, we must channel our collective energy and passion into driving meaningful transformation. By demanding effective governance, combating corruption, and investing in infrastructure, we can lay the foundation for a prosperous future. Let us unite as citizens, inspiring one another and holding our leaders accountable for the changes we seek.

Together, we can create a Nigeria where justice, equality, and sustainable development prevail. Let our voices be heard and our actions be the catalyst for positive change. The path to a better future starts with us, and it is our responsibility to take action today. Embrace the power of the written word and join me in this movement for a better Nigeria. Together, we can overcome the challenges that have held us back for far too long and build a nation we can all be proud of.





Ava Bello is a stay-at-home mum who loves to bake and write. Originally from Benue state in northern Nigeria, Ava has lived in Lagos with her husband and child for the past five years.

She started baking as a way to relax and unwind and soon discovered that she had a real talent for it. She often shares her recipes on her socials @avabakes. Ava is also an avid writer. She keeps a journal where she writes about her experiences as a mother and the joys and challenges of raising a now-late child. She also writes short stories and poetry in her free time, and dreams of one day publishing a book of her own.

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