Beacon of Hope – Okechukwu Sharon Amarachi | Reflective Essay


We found him; head to toe, he was covered in dust, bruised, lifeless, buried beneath leaves and dirt by the roadside gutter.

I was dejected and broken. I knew sorrow, it became my food. Agony ate deep into me. My person was void of joy; my soul swam in pain. I was angered at his loss.

He was my flesh and blood; my brother. His death made tears become a permanent scar on my face. I felt hopeless, heartbroken; my heart screaming with anger to Him who they said created the universe.

Him who they claimed could do all things. I cried out to him desperately, pleading on his Mercy to return to me the only true friend I had. But He turned His back on me, ignoring me totally. He let the life of my brother slip between His fingers; choosing not to show me mercy.

Saturated with intense sorrow, I sat in the open space that night and gazed at the sky. A starless night it was, the face of the clouds spelling gloom save for the full moon illuminating the sky. There it was, hung faraway, a huge white roundness surrounded by a misty halo.

Mildly, I became upset with it. Why would it choose such a night to exude splendor? Tonight was overwhelmed with misery, yet the moon chose to display a contrast, almost as though in mockery.


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What is it that they say about a full moon?  I remember that half the moon is always illuminated by the sun. That lighted half is the moon’s day side. In order to appear full to us on Earth, we have to see the entire day side of the moon.

That happens only when the moon is opposite the sun in our sky. So a full moon looks full because it’s opposite the sun and its lighted face is turned entirely in Earth’s direction.

I am the moon that lights my world.

These words drifted into my subconsciousness.

The moon was fully illuminated by the sun’s rays, and the view from Earth was that of a complete orb, seemingly emitting its own light.

As I stared harder, it passed a message to me – hope. I was glued to the sight, filled with a new sense of wonder, and a feeling of hope.

Just like the moon illuminates the earth, His light shines in my heart, God.

His words came alive in my spirit, soothing and reassuring.


Peace? I’d only so recently thought of what peace there could be, amidst the turbulence in my heart.

And like the rush of rain, I felt calmness flood my mind. I was suddenly reassured of life.

As I took a breath of relief, tears followed suit but this time it was tears of total surrender. I was ready to let go my pains, and embrace His peace.


Tonight, I sit again, gazing like I did years ago, anxiety in my heart, searching for my symbol of hope. I see it gleaming like a massive white china plate, hanging high up on the sky’s dark wall.

The time I spend under the reflected light of the full moon is transformational, intense and inspiring, offering me the opportunity to sit in the fullness of my life.

I know in this moment that whenever I look up and see the full moon at night, I will be reminded of the night I was saved from sinking into utter despair, by that same sight of the moon.

Tonight, I feel gratitude for the opportunity to illuminate my world. I refuse to be subdued by circumstances I cannot control, limiting me from attaining my full potentials and achieving my goals. Just like the moon that becomes full when it is opposite the Sun, I shine the brightest when I am in communion with my maker.

Just as the full moon pulls on the tides and creates more dramatic tidal changes between highs and lows, I let the light of the full moon illuminate my heart, causing me to hold on to faith and hope.

The energy of the full moon creates a heightened experience of bliss and I bask in all its goodness.

I feel alive as I gaze up at the moon lady’s lovely round face; she is smiling down at me so encouragingly.

My Beacon of Hope.



About the Writer

Okechukwu Amarachi Sharon is a creative writer and a cartoon animation artist.

She is a law student and thus an avid reader and ready writer.

Writing has been a means of expressions, a tool to reach out to her world and she is maximizing that opportunity.

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