Blood Scion – Deborah Falaye | Book Review


Set in the fictitious Agbage village of Yoruba Culture, “The Blood Scion” is a novel that explores cultural marginalization and oppression through the fantasy genre.

Sloane, the story’s protagonist is born a scion, a blood gift, her ‘ase’. Olodumare’s divine energy is flaming bone and blood underneath her skin, with ability to set abaze, anything on sight.

It is something to be hidden as it identifies with her Yoruba origin, enough to declare her death sentence.

Her mother’s mysterious disappearance causes tension and a shameful rumour of lovers’ elopement to spread in the village. She doesn’t believe that is possible and is determined to prove it.

Plagued by the Nightwalkers, an organ of the Lucis, the village of Agbage lives in constant fear of invasion and destruction.


YOU ARE READING: Blood Scion – Deborah Falaye | Book Review

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At every strike, thousands of people are killed, women raped and properties destroyed. Sloane is sure that the disappearance of her mother is linked to it.

The Lucis, more of a force than a movement determined to subdue the Yoruba Culture, Origin with all its tales and endowment, enacts a law to admit child soldiers.

Fifteen year-old children from every village, except the free ones, are recruited yearly to undergo rigorous training to serve as a tool for brutal massacre, an agent against their own kind. An option for deployment being death, of self and family.

Sloane, forced to abandon her only family, her grandfather and friend, is armed with quest for revenge as she answers the indefinite call for service.


Blood Scion – Deborah Falaye | Book Review

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Subjected under extreme conditions, intense hardship, horror and agony, they are trained in the camps.

With fear, hunger and pain as tool, the child soldiers, thousands of children from different villages, are broken. But Sloane refuses to be mentally subdued.

She is the very thing they fear right under their nose. She fights to keep under control, her blood gift, which struggles to manifest as the training gets more intense.

Propelled by quest for answers pertaining the disappearance of her mother, she takes an ultimate step and discovers the unbelievable.

Deceit and betrayal comes to play as her very own seeks to destroy her.

She lets loose and flames up. Unable to hold back, she rains it, heat and fire ferociously burning and licking up everything in its path.

A descendant of Shango, god of heat and fire…

She is a living inferno…


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