In January, many people tend to make their resolutions; what they want to achieve; whether weekly, monthly, during the year, or by the end of the year.

At one point or the other, many of us must have written down some plans, intending to achieve them.

The sad truth is that plans fail sometimes, and we may end up not achieving them. Some people give up on resolutions, after then.

It is against this backdrop that D’LitReview is calling for entries into her January Short Story Contest, themed; “Resolutions”.

We simply want to explore the many different reasons why resolutions do not always work out, and why some people decide against making them altogether.

Guidelines For Submission

★ Write a short story ending with the words, “I stopped writing resolutions after then.”
★ The story should be a maximum of 500 words, i.e, it can be less than, but not more than 500 words.
★ Story can be fiction or nonfiction, but strictly prose and it has to relate to the theme. You’re free to be as creative as possible.
★ Send your entry to, with subject line, “Resolutions”. No attachments, please, your entry should be in the body of the email as plain text.
★ Include your full name and contact details (preferably WhatsApp number) so we can easily reach you, in case you are one of our three winners.
★ Deadline: 25th January, 2022.

1st: N2,000, and publication on our website.
2nd: N1,000
3rd: N500
You get to decide whether you want it as airtime, or cash.

Winners will be contacted after the entries have been reviewed by our team.

Note: These prizes are only provisional for this maiden edition, and may likely get better in the coming months.

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We look forward to receiving all your submissions.

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