My heart beats faster

As I await the inevitable. 

I feel goosebumps all over.

The weather seems furious;

Blowing wind left to right.


I feel my heart coming out of its cage; 

It’s so painful I think I might die. 

My eyes are wandering in their sockets; 

Everyone seems oblivious of my plight.


Oh! I see someone coming; 

I sense familiarity in his posture. 

Suddenly the room becomes dim;

There’s no soul other than me and him. 

I try to see through the dimness;

Oh! I see him now.


He is with the ugly rod – 

I hear myself shouting at the top of my voice, 

I’m sorry! please forgive me.

I have no control over my body;

But all my cries fall on deaf ears

As the whip lands on my skin 

I know I am done for.



About the Writer

Success A. Ibe is an enthusiastic writer, poet and a book reviewer.

She is also a law student with good legal writing and research skills, eager to get opportunities to learn, develop and showcase her skills more.


About The Author

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