Once, my mother said everyone owns a voice.

Each different from the other,

How do I tell the world that I stammer?

That it would take a donkey years for them to make out my letters.

How do I tell my tale when I haven’t said they need a chair-

In case their feet hurt from standing.

How do I tell this man how to listen to me,

That all he needs is the eyes

To read into my soul

And make out the map of my being?

How do I tell this woman?

That she is beautiful with just a smile

And a nod of my head.

Without being creepy like that which creeps

How do I tell the world that the heavens speak with me?

Only because they can see me more than just the way I am

How do I tell the world that the saying from my mother was because she heard me?

Should I run to dawn to tell the dusk to wait?

Or –

Should I just send them here to read these lines?



Peace AmosPeace Amos is a young lady with a passion for writing. She is a Law student at Obafemi Awolowo University. Her writings range from poetry, stories, and articles to quotes. Some of her poems were published in the Christian Literary Network Magazine, Transients Magazine U.S.A. and Poetic City Afrika. Also, One of her stories was shortlisted among the top 10 best stories among 106 participants at the Prowfic Story Contest 2023. She considers stories as necklaces and poetry as the pendant. She is a Christian and an advocate of justice.



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