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Fahrenheit 451 tells the story of a book burner, Guy Montag, and how a few chance encounters with a strange, free-spirited girl, and a woman who chooses to burn with her house rather than turn in her books, transforms him to a book lover.

When he begins to rebel against his oppressive society; a society that attempts to “eliminate all sources of complexity, contradiction, and confusion to ensure uncomplicated happiness for all its citizens”, he realizes that it is an ongoing war, and he must choose one side in order to survive.


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This story subtly passes a message on the question of happiness. It sheds light on the problem of content stuffing – excessive entertaining content available on TVs and virtually everywhere – which leaves people with little or no room to think for themselves. The result is a sort of emptiness that makes people selfish and detached from the society in general.

A well-written, truth-laced and suspense-filled narrative, Fahrenheit 451 is for those who love to see the love for books prevailing against existing societal structures that directly or indirectly destroy the reading culture.

Rating: 5 Stars.

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