I shall rewrite my heart

into my eyes

and squeeze out a whole river of tears,

sprinkling more than a thousand drops

                                                                                                at the visage of heaven or

anywhere synonymous to the presence of God.

            Behold, melancholy is a taste, clinched

on the tongues of our lives like tribal marks.

            And just yesterday, my brother’s entire body

was shape-shifted into a

                                                                        flaming ball of anguish,

he ripped the pages of his holy book, burnt them

                                                                                                            into ashes

            and murdered the name of God from

his thoughts, so I have carried the penance for his own sins

as I drop on my knees, counting prayer beads

                                                and mouthing intercessions to God

so my brother doesn’t become a withered flower

                                                                                    in the garden of our land,

so, his life doesn’t become a masterpiece

of broken tales, or a snapshot of anything dead.

So he doesn’t morph into a lonely house_ haunted by

the ghosts of dead gods!

Say, I’m searching for the listening ears of God in my series of prayers

                                                                                    for behold! I pray thee oh, Lord

that if my brother becomes a night in the belly of this world,

                                                                                    or a hovering darkness

in the blurry sight of every man, give him oh, Lord,

another chance to breathe,

                                                                                    a chance to live.

And make his soul worthy, make him a replica of anything holy.









Daniel Aondona

Daniel Aôndona is a lover of arts and culture, a young, prolific, and award-winning writer who hails from the Konshisha local government area of Benue State, north central, Nigeria. He is a member of the Hilltop creative arts foundation, the founder and mentor of The Newborn Poets. He is a spoken word artist, short story writer, book reviewer, a poet and enthusiast of literature-in-English who writes from Abuja, Nigeria with his works published or forthcoming on literary magazines like, Synchronized chaos, Spillwords magazine, Arts lounge, Power poetry, Words-Empire, The muse journal, Words Rhymes & Rhythms, World voices, Paper Lanterns and others within and outside Nigeria. Aside being a writer, he spends most of his time studding, playing games like word_search puzzles, graphics designing, drawing and painting, as well as making comic books.
Daniel can be reached on his social media platforms@ Facebook_ Daniel Aôndona_ Instagram_ daniel_aondona_ Twitter (X)_ @aondonadaniel30



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