The literary year dawned with a bang in Abuja as M.S. Dogara presented the trio of his latest publications on 8th January. The trio span the three genres of prose fiction, poetry and drama and respectively entitled, Walking in Storms, Sparks in the Meadow and A Midnight Migrant.

Reviewed by Mike Ekunno, Walking in Storms tracks the life story of an unemployed graduate who leaves his village for the city in search of a job. Sparks in the Meadow reviewed by Chiedu Ezeanah covers themes of death, slavery, motherhood and politics. Denja Abdullahi who reviewed A Midnight Migrant narrated the dramatic text which dwells on the “Japa Syndrome” or the craving to leave Nigeria by any means legal or illegal.

The occasion at the boardroom of the National Library, Abuja, featured a keynote by Dr Grace Perpetua Dafiel and a short film on migration by the author, M S Dogara. Two young ladies, Pacella Chukwuma of Hilltop Creative Arts Foundation and Bella Oguche of Jewel Model School had poetry readings.

The three books were later unveiled by Dr Emeka Chris Obiezue who was chairman of the day’s event. Free copies were given by the author to all who attended the event.

Authors, Speakers and Guests at the event

Authors, Speakers and Guests at the event.

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