I heard the goddess, Themis

Left the Circle of sight,

To smell out all amiss

And utter what is right.


I read the goddess, Themis,

Fortified her arms

To raise above violence and peace,

The scale beyond conditions and terms.


I watched the goddess, Themis,  kneel

To make for herself a heart of iron,

To be the bearer of the sword of steel

Piercing through partiality without pardon.


But here they are, decked in flowing garments and pieces of date,

With rotund bellies like Earth’s template,

Ring like necks and a beguiling smile,

In shrouded wickedness of the Nile,

And our justice league like puppets

So little, they are in their pockets.


These days, the goddess I know of

I search for and try to find.

‘Cos the goddess I see now is a bluff,

With her crooked paths and ways untoward

Tilted scale and bloodied sword,

In our days, in our times, our Themis, is the seeing kind.




Owoseeni IyunOluwa Olamiposi is a final-year law student at Adekunle Ajasin University, Akungba Akoko. Her passion lies in her love for God, which is at the core of everything she does. Alongside her legal studies, she is an avid reader and writer, often penning her thoughts on the books she devours. Music also holds a special place in her heart, as she enjoys turning words into harmonious melodies through singing.

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