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The Doomsday Conspiracy is a thriller science fiction novel by Sidney Sheldon.

After being hired on a mission to track down the witnesses to a weather balloon accident in the Swiss Alps, Robert Bellamy, an agent of the ONI, encounters a powerful and murderous alliance which eventually puts his life in danger.

The crashed weather balloon in The Doomsday Conspiracy is in fact, a UFO containing two alien bodies, which was sighted by ten occupants of a tour bus in Switzerland.

“Operation Doomsday” is thus an international conspiracy; a force to eliminate every witness to the ill-fated incident before chaos is unleashed by panicking humans all over the world.


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During the course of the mission, Robert’s backstory is revealed in flashbacks, and perhaps the one which stands out the most is of his near-death experience as a naval officer that makes him meet Susan, a nurse.

They eventually get married but his unavailability due to the number of missions he is consistently assigned, coupled with the secrecy of these missions, cause Susan to demand a divorce.

The undertone of science fiction in this novel is the depiction of an earth where aliens exist – where aliens threaten to invade should the destruction of the environment through industrial actions and pollution continue. A subtle message is passed – that of environmental awareness.

The Doomsday Conspiracy is no doubt a page turner, and its simplistic language, suspense and high degree of intelligence will leave you holding your breath till the last page.




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