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Louding Voice Abi Dare

The story of Adunni, a young girl who has tasted the bitter waters of life at the age of fourteen, is told in The Girl with the Louding Voice. The narrative begins shortly after the death of her mother. In return for money and a relatively comfortable existence, her father pressures her into marriage to a man who has a daughter the same age as Adunni.

She is defiled by this man and constantly mocked by his first wife, yet she carries her ambitions inside her. She is tenacious in her belief that her voice cannot be silenced. Her mother had wanted her to get a formal education, to be a girl with a “louding” voice. And she sets out on this path when she takes a leap of faith and runs away from her husband’s house.

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Life, as they say, is full of surprises, and with each page flipped, this young girl realizes that the life she craves will not be handed to her on a silver platter. You’ll feel a variety of emotions while reading this book, as well as a strong desire to connect with an author who not only succeeded in “breaking every single law of grammar,” but also got away with it.

This unique debut novel sheds light on the scourge of domestic slavery, which affects a large number of young girls in Nigeria and other areas of the world. You’ll have no option but to root for Adunni, as she never loses sight of her ultimate goal of becoming a girl with a “louding voice”, despite the ups and downs of her path.


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