The Lie – A poem by Hussein Nuhu


I used to be an optimist who sees the world as a cup half bursting with downpour of happiness

And the  humans smiling about as stunning stars shining from the moon of their inner peace

Up until destiny thrust into my keen hands the suicide note of a photographer.


The note like a bomb letter was full of explosives enough to blow off my utopian mindset of the world

As it probably did to the life of the silver-spooned man whose quest for happiness made him take to the camera

Only to end up an accomplice in the felonious lying act of being happy.


Disappointed with his adventure and weary of the lie he seeks redress against self in the court of his innermost

Where he was found guilty of conspiracy, emotional manipulation and the pollution of the world with beautiful pictures of sad people

Hence sentenced to kiss the dust in a manner that will assemble people in their original state of sadness__suicide!.




The lie a poem

Hussein Nuhu is a Nigerian poet, a writer and an OAP intern. He tweets @AbleSonOfNuhu, Facebooks too much via the handle Hussein Son’OfNuhu and can be reached on WhatsApp – 07086933485.

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