What If I Turn The Page? – Ahemen Korgba | Poetry


I discovered a book and it was the book of my life

And in it what did I find?

The highs and lows that I had been through

The accurate details blew my mind.



On and on I read every word

Enthralled by all it contained

Until a certain section caught my eye

And what a mixture of feelings it stirred.



To this specific place, my attention was drawn

Mainly because it showed where I was now

But it also revealed that though time had passed

Yet, from this page I had failed to move on.



Lulled by the comfort I had found in this spot

I had inadvertently imprisoned myself here

Or was I actually arrested by fear?



The fear of the unknown ahead

Whichever it was, this discovery inspired me to take a leap of faith

Within the book and in my life, I knew the move I must make

With courage taking the lead, I had to finally turn the page.




About the Poet

Ahemen Korgba is a Nigerian from Benue State. She is a Psychology graduate and an avid reader.


She also enjoys writing, music, movies and learning new things ranging from the most random (e.g. learning different ways to knot a tie) to the more conventional like learning a new language.


Though new to the poetry world, her dream is to inspire others by the power of the written word.

About The Author

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